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Vuestic 2.0 Challenge

Vuestic 1 was used as the basis for several dashboard projects. We saw some imperfections and options to improve the theme. The feedback from the community was helpful as well. That's how the idea of creating and advanced version of Vuestic appeared.

Vuestic 2.0 design
The launch of Vuestic 2.0 is scheduled on August 6, 2019, yay!

What Have Been Done

The overall theme was updated as the challenge of creating something fresh and unique still made sense. The default Vuestic theme now consists of blue and green colors but offers some customization options.

One more navigation option was added to the theme. So in 2.0 you can choose from a top menu and a sidebar to get the exact same solution you need for your project.

Vuestic 2.0 specs

UI kit was adjusted so it works better with tables and complex forms — one of the most popular elements of every dashboard. Text styles and colors were updated as well. Vuestic 2.0 uses Material Google icons by default so that the components with extended funcionality look solid and can be created by the dev team on the go.

Notes in Google Docs > Designs in Sketch > Delivered to Zeplin + Implementation notes

I created a specs doc with notes to pay attention to certain things so the devs can always refer to it. Moreover, the code quality was improved, so now it's more elegant than it used to be. The devs created a detailed project documentation.


Back in 2017 Epicmax decided to create an open-source Vue.js theme. I joined the project and worked on the design, identity and promo materials. The main task was to create an admin theme that will draw attention.

I thought adding a little branding would help promote the theme. Vue.js was a pretty new framework, it seemed to me that it would be cool to incorporate 'Vue' into the theme title, that's how 'Vuestic' appeared. Green and black color scheme was another solution that helped the theme to stand out of pretty common white and blue/grey solutions.

Vuestic 1.0 got over 5'400 stars on Github and was highly appreciated by the dev community.
Vuestic design

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