Land — Travelling App


The client and his team contacted me when they had an early mobile version of the app. They had a clear vision and a long list of features they wanted inlcude into the app: travel guides, ebook reader, discount coupons and many more. So the main challenge was to incorporate everything into a single app :)

Tons Of Data & Clear Navigation

I explored different options to represent tours and ended up with several sections: tour overview and an interactive map with location cards. I also kept in mind the completed work so it wasn't a total re-work.

FinX Dashboard
Land Travelling App

Your Journey On One Screen

One of the key features of the app — QR codes — were added to the cards. Everything you 'll need from its location to discount coupons on a single screen!

If you want to see a list of all points of interest and detailed info about them, just swith to Locations tab.

Land App, location cards

As the focus of the app shifted, design changes were required. It will be my pleasure to share the updated case after the app launch.

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