Mood Tracking App


The main task was to create a concept for the app that can be used to design the entire project. I was provided with a brief that focused on 3 things: Getting started, Exploring specialists, Insirational insights.

Get Started

Using 9 cards with 2 fields each is much better than using 18 fields on a single screen. That way users will be more likely to fill them.

Users can always skip the questionnaire by hitting Submit button, as the default values have been already picked. Default values are ‘normal’ for Current and ‘happy’ for Wanted Happiness.

Happiful, Onboarding
Epic Spinners


Every category has its own color and is supported with an icon that fits the general style.

Browse specialists that are closest to you. You can change settings (region, distance) or use search to find the right one. Add specialists to the favorite lists so to come back to their profile any time later.

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